At the end of last millenia, an established lawyer from Estonia started questioning the way we were customed to live and eat.

She went to study wellness medicine across the ocean and when returning to her home country, she realized, looking at the shelves in the local supermarkets, that if she and everyone else in this corner of the world wanted to lead a balanced plant-based lifestyle, someone would have to be the first to producing plant - based products.

So, with no previous experience in food production she and couple of likeminded people established Bon Vegan in 2003. While we at Bon Vegan have come a long way during these 20 years, something has never changed – we are really passionate about vegan food and bringing this lifestyle on people’s plates.
Ester Lietuvetis, the founder of Bon Vegan

vegan food production in Estonia was born in a small village called Valgu (meaning „protein“ in estonian – pun intended) amidst its pure nature


we started producing our famous tofu that the local customers love the most to this day


started producing products based on soya texturates


our popular vegan slices and frankfurters landed on the shelves


another star was born – our nutritional yeast


successfully launched Bon Vegan brand on export markets, namely Finland


with our export success Bon Vegan was among the 1 % fastest growing companies in Estonia for 4 years in a row


new oat and pea protein based product lines were launched

And to this day we are driven by the enthusiasm of bringing new plant- based products to our beloved customers on domestic and export markets. So – there is more to come.
Bon Vegan factory in 2022 summer