Choose your well-being

Research shows that Europeans eat 3-5 times more meat than recommended (Source: The Lancet 2022)

Choose the health of our Planet

Production of meat causes twice the pollution worldwide than the production of plant-based foods (Source: Nature Food 2021)

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Choose the life of animals

50 billion animals consumed for food every year live in factory farms under cruel conditions (Source:

Choose the plant-based lifestyle

Because that’s the future

Our best-selling products

Always GMO free

From European raw materials

Forever plant-based



The plant - based pioneer in food production that was founded in 2003 in Estonia with a mission of making sustainable plant - based lifestyle available for everyone.

How it's going?

Within 2 decades we have grown from a mission-based niche company to a well-known plant – based brand in Estonia and Finland and to a successful exporter to Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Today we have more than 30 different vegan products in our portfolio and more to come every year.

Where are we from?

Bon Vegan is from Estonia – a small country in Northern - Europe that is more than 50% covered in forests and among the countries with the cleanliest air in the world according to World Health Organization. Estonia is also world-famous for it savvy e-governance and has most start-ups per capita in Europe.